We have searched for years and logged thousands of kilometers to find the right fit for our culture.  This group of 7 partners have exceeded our expectations on every aspect of what is critical to succeed.

  • Common Vision 
  • Common Sense 
  • Common Values

We are in the generation who learned from our parents the value of hard work and will lead the transition of the next generation who value balance in their lives. The measure of our success will be our reputation in the communities we serve and being known as a great place to work. 

Ascend Careers 

Why Work Here?

We are passionate about the professional development of our people and we strive to create opportunities that support their career objectives. As a growing accounting practice there is opportunity for all staff to grow with us. 

We offer a competitive salary and benefits package with a flexible work schedule.  

Why join us?

Great Technology – We continue to invest in technology to allow our staff to focus on meaningful work 
Great Team Members – We have a solid group who are committed to service excellence in our profession 
Work Life BalanceAscend is committed to be a great employer in our community; our staff enjoy flexible work schedules 
Professional Development – We see huge value by investing in continual learning